Antonio Onorati

Antonio Onorati is an Italian activist involved in the movement of food sovereignty,
a global initiative promoted with the Declaration of Via Campesina presented in
the Civil Society Forum on Food Security in Rome in 1996 where he was the chair.
He also co-chaired the Civil Society Forum for Food Sovereignty in Rome in 2002.
Over the years he has contributed to the emergence of civil society organizations
that have dealt with agriculture and food, both globally and locally as RIDAM (a
network of associations that are engaged in agriculture Mediterranean), GRAIN
(international NGO specializing in issues of ‘agro-biodiversity) or IPC.( International
Committee for Food Sovereignty), a global platform of small scale food producers
organizations with more 200 million producers represented.
Participates in many scientific committees of institutions or programs on agriculture
biodiversity, international agriculture policy, food systems governance, is president
of the CENTRO INTERNAZIONALE CROCEVIA (1958) since 1988, and since its start
has the responsibility of the rapports of IPC – International Committee for Food
Sovereignty, whit food and agriculture international institutions based in Rome, in
particular FAO.
Graduate in Statistics, a brief career in the University developed both in Italy and
abroad, has played his entire professional career in national or regional institutions
responsible for agriculture and rural development held positions of responsibility
Author of many articles, books and reports for national and foreign press and

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