Degrees of Latitude. A Locally Global Journal

International relations among political entities, economic actors, and civil societies shapes our world and affects our lives. Degrees of Latitude aims at understanding and explaining how.

We are committed to serving our readers by providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed political and economic decisions.

We believe that those who exercise power have to be accountable for their foreign policy decisions and operations.

We want to tell the stories of those who are trying to make the world thrive.

We believe that diversity between cultures, societies, generations, social groups, and individuals has to be safeguarded.

We do our best to keep focus on our stories even when the spotlights are turned off.

We protect our sources. We promise independence and ethics. We won’t stop advocating for freedom of the press.

We are conscious of our limits in navigating the complexity of the world and telling stories about it, but… we are journalists and we have a duty to be ambitious.

                                                                                Elena L. Pasquini


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